Sport & Martial Art Specific Training

Before becoming a personal trainer, I was a two time medallist at the World Karate Championships, so I not only know first hand what it takes to compete and win at the highest level, but also how to achieve it after coming back from an injury. Having also played representative level in cricket, rugby and swimming back home in South Africa I have the experience and knowledge to tailor your training programme to suit your specific needs.

Martial Arts

Although I do not offer general martial arts training, I do offer a ‘Grade Tutor’ service. Much like an academic tutor might give a student additional help prior to important exams, I do the same for those approaching key karate grade assessments.

Sport Specific Training

No training programme should neglect any one part of the body; however, we all know that different sports require different physical attributes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a tennis player needing extra shoulder strength for your service; a golfer needing to concentrate on back conditioning and core stability to improve your overall game, or a skier looking for that extra leg strength and endurance, I am here to help. So give me a call and let me show you how I can help you improve your game.