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Here are some of the most common questions (and the answers) that clients ask me

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Well, if you want to learn, rather than follow – then yes. If you want to develop the knowledge and techniques that will keep you getting the most from your exercise for the rest of your life rather than merely going through the motions – then yes, a personal trainer would be a great idea.

I certainly am. You should run away as quickly as you can from anyone claiming to be a personal trainer that isn’t fully insured or doesn’t have any recognized qualifications. Please see the ‘About John Pace’ section for full details of my qualifications and experience.

True, Weight Watchers is an excellent programme for those whose main goal is weight loss and who enjoy group support. However, as any dietician will tell you, to lose weight you need to balance fewer calories with additional exercise, meaning it is vital to develop a suitable exercise routine in conjunction with your calorie-controlled diet. Also, resistance training is crucial to developing muscle tissue which your body has to burn energy to maintain. This will leave you not only burning more fat but feeling stronger and looking more toned, a win-win!

Like training, your diet is individual to you and needs to be assessed accordingly. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or pack on lean muscle, I have the necessary qualifications and experience to help. However, to get an accurate picture I would always suggest a 100% HONEST food diary.

Before we go anywhere near any exercise equipment we need to discuss what you want to achieve. You might want to gain muscle, lose weight, train for a specific sport or just get fitter. After the consultation, we will do an introductory training session to get an understanding of your fitness level & whether you enjoy the type of training I can offer. Afterwards, I will leave a little time to have a talk over how you found the session and answer any questions you might have.

I hear this so often. The short answer is, No. Bodybuilding physiques take years of extreme and intense training schedules on top of a very high protein diet. However, weight training is vital for effective fat loss. More muscle tissue will not only help tone your body and improve your shape but most importantly stoke your metabolism. The harder you work your muscles, the more calories and fat they will burn, but as you will discover during your consultation, your programme will be a healthy balance of both resistance training and cardiovascular work depending on your goal.

The answer to this question will always be directly correlated with the amount of training you put in coupled with how strict you are prepared to diet. Although I will always tailor any programme to you as an individual, both in terms of fitness goals and time available, I would suggest a time frame of 6-8 weeks with training twice a week or more. Even if you decided to have 1 personal training session a week I would always highly recommend you do at least 1 other session on your own which I would programme for you.

John Pace

John Pace

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